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If you are building a fairly complex web application, there is a high probability that you will have a lot of JavaScript code, and you would want to organize your code in some modular way that will be easier to maintain. Also at the same time you would also want to use some sort of a framework to simplify the process for you. But before getting there, let’s talk about how we got here at first place. In this video Robin Ward, co-founder of Discourse, talks about browser applications.

Building a fairly complex web application needs a very careful planning. Not just at the application level, but also at maintainability and efficiency level. Even if you are going to be the only person that’s going to work and maintain the code for a foreseeable future. Here are 9 things I thought you should know after creating your Hello World application and before creating your next application using Ember, especially if you are going to use Ember Data as your persistence library. Due to readers request, here is the code.

DemoDownload Source

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