Big Mailer WordPress Plugin

After introducing Big Contact WordPress Plugin, we found that sending and receiving email is a serious issue for some users. Often times there are a lot of variables involved that would cause emails problems. Whether you’re building for web or mobile, your application will require email in some way. SendGrid allows you to quickly build email into your app, and just as quickly move on to writing the code that defines your product and serves your customers. Big Mailer WordPress plugin uses the SendGrid SMTP relay server to send out your transactional emails, so you can have a reliable email delivery for your WordPress website.

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Very easy and simple settings

The installation is very simple. Signup for SendGrid account, and fill in the Big Mailer connection fields under the settings section.

Questions? Need help with installation? Suggestions?

Should you have any technical questions, or found a possible bug, please post it to our WordPress Plugin Support forum so we can help you resolve the issue.

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