Big Blank Responsive WordPress Theme

Big Blank theme is a blank responsive theme for WordPress, with semantic HTML5 code and a very minimal CSS styling. This is not a naked or barebone theme, but a clean starting boilerplate for a more complex theme development. It makes development of complex themes easier. Sometimes you don’t want to start your theme development from scratch. This is where this minimalistic blank and responsive WordPress theme comes in. Most of the necessary styles that don’t matter much are provided, such as comments, forms, and regular styling of common elements such as headings, image alignments, etc… However, the rest of the layout has a very minimal styling, so you could start developing your own theme. This theme is soon to be released at WordPress theme repository. However, till then follow Big Blank Theme on GitHub.

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This theme will speed up your WordPress theme development.

Here are few of the neat features in this theme

  • Supports WordPress 3.9 with editor styles
  • Clean typography focused design
  • Fully responsive (includes modified version of FluidVids for responsive videos for responsive video embeds)
  • WordPress head cleanup
  • DeviceJs for Device detection
  • TGM-Plugin-Activation for quick import of plugins necessary for your theme
  • Semantic code to identify Structured Data based on HTML5, Microdata based on, and Microformats for SEO Purpose.
  • Delete key friendly, and well commented code
    • Custom Sidebars and Widgets
    • Custom Theme Options
    • Custom Fields
    • Custom Page Templates
    • Custom Post Types
    • Custom Taxonomy
    • Custom Editor Styles for TinyMCE 4.x
  • Social media sharing buttons
  • Language files for i18n support

Theme Preview

Big Blank Responsive Theme for WordPress
Big Blank Responsive Theme for WordPress


We highly appreciate any and all contributions, even if it is just a small typo fix, suggestion, or a feature request. Currently we need the following contributions to this open source project.

  • Please help us improve this theme by submitting any bugs you find as issues on Big Blank Theme GitHub project page.
  • Fork and send a pull request for any new feature or improvement.
  • Help us add more comments to the code where necessary.
  • More browser testing. Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Mobile Browsers, and everything in between.
  • Will add credit for contributors.

And please share :]